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Choctaw County Public Records Resources

Choctaw County was created on December 29, 1847, and was named after the Choctaw Indians. The county is located in the southwestern part of the Alabama State and its county seat is Butler. As of 2000, the county’s population was 15,922.

Several surveys showed that violent crimes in this county weren’t that bad at all, but that doesn’t mean that this county isn’t dangerous. With the small number of people living in Choctaw, few sex offenders were found. According to their crime statistics, larceny theft arrests were quickly growing as well as the driving under the influence arrest rate.

An online public records search can be very useful in locating further information about someone living in Choctaw County, but if you are enthusiastic enough to do it manually then you should pay a visit to the county courthouse or sheriff’s office of Choctaw County. Below are their addresses.

County Courthouse Info: 

Choctaw County Sheriff Office:
Crthse 117 S Mulberry St
Butler, Alabama 36904
Telephone: (205)459-2166

County Sheriff's Office Info: 

Choctaw County Courthouse:
117 S. Mulberry St., Suite 9
Butler, AL 36904-2557
Telephone: (205) 459-2417

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