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Geneva County Arrest Records and Warrants

There is a good chance that you have stumbled around the Internet searching for arrest records, as well as warrants, for Geneva County, Alabama if you have come to this page. Here, we will explain why it is difficult to access these records, as well as providing you with a series of options that you can use to get the arrest records and warrant information that you need.

Geneva County Marriage and Divorce Records

Accessing official records of almost any kind in Alabama can be a difficult process, both due to limited online presences as well as different records being managed by different institutions. Thankfully, this is not the case for Vital Records in Geneva County or really anywhere in Alabama. Vital Records are marriage certificates, divorce records, and birth and death records. In Alabama, all Vital Records are maintained by the Alabama Department of Public Health.

Geneva County Jail and Prison Records

If you are searching for jail and prison records for Geneva County, Alabama, then you may unfortunately be in for a bit of a struggle. Geneva County does not appear to actively maintain a database of those persons whom is has imprisoned in Geneva County, and nor does it appear to have a listing of recent arrest records.

Although Geneva County itself does not host much of this information, a great deal of it is still available – but you will have to look in other places. You can go through either a private business, or you can utilize statewide Internet searches.

Geneva County Court Records

Because in any given county there are going to be multiple types of courts, it is important that you know which court will have the type of record that you will need before you begin contacting them. This way, you will save both time and energy in your hunt for court records for Geneva County.

In Geneva County, Alabama, there are three distinct court buildings, and each of these serves a different function in the criminal justice system.

The Office of the Probate Judge can be located at 200 North Commerce Street, Geneva, AL. The telephone number is (334)684-5640.

Geneva County Birth and Death Records

If you have ever spent time trying to hunt down official records for just about anything in the state of Alabama, then you have probably discovered that this can be a surprisingly difficult process. This is partially because of existing privacy laws, which limit the type of information that can be made publicly accessible, but also because many counties in Alabama do not have a sufficient online presence with which to facilitate hosting records online.

Geneva County Public Records Resources

Geneva County was created on December 26, 1868. Named after its principal town and county seat, Geneva got its name from Geneva, Switzerland by Walter H. Yonge, a native of Switzerland. The county, which has a total population of 25,764 as of the year 2000, is located in southeastern Alabama.